Friendships and New Beginnings

By: E.C. Anagaran III
First Published: June 29, 2009

Minsan, pinipili mo lang kung sinong re-replayan mo. Pero naisip mo ba na pinipili rin nila kung sinong tini-text nila?” – Bob Ong

         An old cliche reminds us that “people and friends come and go.” Some, passing like a cold breeze, others leaving indelible marks in our lives. Some are just there for the perks, most stay for the long run. Some love us for what we give, a lot love us for who we are. But whatever sort of friends they are, more often than not, at a given season, at a certain junction, at a particular crossroad, they become part of our lives. And when they eventually leave by circumstances or reasons we have, or do not have, control over, we either get hurt or may not notice it at all.

         I’m a funny guy. I choose my friends well. Of course you’ll say “I choose my friends too!” But hear me out and let me explain what I call categories of friendships.

         Although I am surrounded by people – interacting, teaching and mentoring everyday, not all of them are my friends. A lot are considered to be acquaintances.  Many are colleagues. Most just ambience – a filmmaking lingo that means a huge crowd with no speaking lines.

         So really, I only have around three to five people whom I consider as friends. These people are the ones I pour my heart out to.  These circle of persons is whom I share my resources with like books, gym equipment and finances. My precious time is spent laughing and bantering jokes, listening to their heartaches and celebrating triumphs together, like we were young people again. These select few know my strengths, weaknesses and desires and aspirations. Together with my family, pastors and mentors, these are the ones whose opinions of me really matter. These people are the ones I search out for in a crowd. And when I see them, I smile.

         But, eventually, friends leave. Hopefully, not because we did something wrong to drive them away. It has happened to me and, I guess, to all of us.  At some point we took different roads. Our paths diverged.  We  tried desperately to hold on, to keep the friendship, only to give up eventually. But this is one of life’s reality: friends leave.

          And so we always pray and hope that the friendships we have right now will last and be more intimate in each passing day. We always desire to grow and learn from each other. We fervently strive to make God the center of our friendships. We vigilantly check that we treat our friends as equals.

         Let us enjoy each day out, relish every secret, mourn every heartache and create wonderful memories together.  Let us take time to make the most out of the season when friends become part of our lives. So that when the seasons change we will have memories of summer that would last throughout the winter–awaiting the arrival of a new spring, of new beginnings.

Friendships and New Beginnings

Author: Edmundo C. Anagaran III

Editor: Ana Maria S. Burkhead

© All Rights Reserved

November 2016 


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