Para Sa Iyo Boss

By: E.C. Anagaran III

There’s no easy way of letting go of something that I know will never happen again. But I will face the world

 head-on knowing that I have strength to let go.

I am aware that when you came into my life, there will also come a time that I have to give you up. Then that would be the end of it.

Yet you left me at the very moment when I felt like I can’t give you up.  I cried, and still cry, for the memories, for the pain, for the times I had you in my life.

I know you are not mine but holding onto you made me feel so alive.

You saw the tears ran down from my eyes and it spelled the truth about how I really felt inside.

Today, I am still trying to pick up the rest of the pieces but I thank you for the love and the pain.  

It tells me I am ALIVE!

One day, I believe, I can finally say I’m over you.  Soon, I hope,  I will be able to stand next to you without wanting to hold your hands.   

I know, somewhere in my journey, I will fall in love again.  

I know I will.

I know I can.