Ode To The Moon Lagoon

09 September 2016

Poem By: E.C. Anagaran III

Towering sentinels line the paved roads

Carpet of greens and yellow coral toads

Through a cool meadow and bamboo nodes

Marks the arrival of the moon lagoon ode

The shining lagoon mirrors the night sky

Mermaids sing to those who dare to pass by

Critects hum, fireflies dance, sunflowers bloom

As young await the rise of the fresh June

Lofty dreams fly high with ambitions

Fair flowing hair given inspirations

Of love and kisses, of sweet sensations

As hard work repaid by lost emotions

Four filled years of memories are here made

Heroes are born and perpetually laid

Oh little blue books are checked and rechecked

Proud flags fly ancient script of green and red

Dear moon, take me back to that oval road

To taste once again the January cold

Eternal gratitude to the maroon

Oh hail! Oh hail! to the old moon lagoon

Ode To The Moon Lagoon

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